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Kathleen Ferrier is a (world)connector with strong cross-cultural communication skills. 

Born in Paramaribo, Suriname, she has lived in Chili and Brazil, in the Netherlands and in Hong Kong.

Her work experiences include politics, international organisations, the United Nations, non-governmental organisations, academic institutions and international businesses. 

She worked in slum areas in big cities, with migrant communities in the Netherlands and Europe and served as a member of Dutch parliament for the Christian Democratic Party. She is involved in issues related to sustainability and human rights, such as fighting modern slavery.

She is appointed as Honorary Professor of the Global Practice of Human Rights, at the "Asian University for Women" in Bangladesh and as Amabssador for "The Mekong Club, fighting modern slavery together" in Hong Kong. 

Kathleen Ferrier is currently based in the Netherlands, where she is appointed Chair of the Dutch UNESCO Commission.

Apart from that, she is involved in different issues related to defending Human Rights and democracy. 

Kathleen is a public speaker and a writer of columns and articles on international relations, human rights, democracy and politics. 

You can follow her online, learn more about her and her expertise or you can get in touch with her directly.

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