Kathleen Ferrier
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Blog Article - 24 November 2015

Political Conference on EU China Policy in Hong Kong: my idea comes true!

My idea comes true!

A two-day political conference on the EU China policy will take place here in Hong Kong on November 27 and 28.

In the two years that I have now been living in Hong Kong, I have, based on dialogues and discussions with politicians, academics, people from civil society organizations and from the business sector, both in China and in Europe, noticed how little we really know about each other. We talk, we do business, but do we -on both sides- really know with whom we are dealing? Are we aware of the cultural and moral aspects of the co-operation between China and the EU and are people in the EU seriously conscious about the fact that this century is the century of Asia, and what that means for Europe?

That is why I took the initiative for this conference.

Under the title: "Distant Neighbours or Active Stakeholders? EU Policy Responses to Challenges in EU-China Relations" and according to my idea, experts from both China and the EU, men and women, younger and older, will come together to discuss and share views on this policy, -or on what this policy should be.

With many thanks to, amongst others, the EU Academic Programme in Hong Kong -where they are so kind to put my name on the poster!- and the Dutch Consulate General in Hong Kong. 

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